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DNA Fit provides insight to the potential for sporting performance and trainability, optimal exercise selection, recovery strategies, injury potential and exercise for weight management. The test is suitable for the elite performance athlete as well as the recreational athlete looking to maximise their training returns and reach peak levels of conditioning.

The DNA Fit genetic test is aimed at both the elite athlete and the recreational athlete looking to gain maximum return from their training time.  The profile tests for genes in three categories that relate to sporting performance: Power and Endurance, Tendon Pathology and Recovery.

Power and Endurance: where does you performance potential lie? Are you a sprinter or should you be spending hours training for marathons? We analyse genes that encode physiological factors such as circulation, blood pressure control, strength, cardio-pulmonary capacity muscle fibre type specialisation, muscle fibre hypertrophy, cardiac output, muscle metabolism and adaptability to training regimes.

Tendon Pathology section examines genes that are involved in the structural integrity of soft tissues in the body. Certain polymorphisms implicate predisposition to tendon injuries (including Achilles Tendonitis), plus ligament, cartilage and bone pathology.
The Recovery genes are the best example within this genetic panel of the need to integrate training and nutritional advice when supporting an athlete’s health and fitness. The featured genes consider disposition to inflammation and free radical stress within the body, which may imply the need for more focussed nutritional support, along with extended recoveries between training repetitions and sessions.

Personalise your training regime based on knowledge of your genetic make-up

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