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This test requires a blood draw, so please ensure you can refer to a phlebotomist in the clients area before you order this test.

Trucheck is a revolutionary screening test, based on a simple blood draw.

Trucheck Intelli is a comprehensive wellness status check qualifying no tumour activity, but which also screens for early detection of 70+ types of cancers such as Melanoma, Thyroid, Lung, Breast, Liver, Gastro-Intestinal, amongst others.

Recommended for:

  • Asymptomatic individuals who are at high risk or have a family history of cancer.
  • Individuals who want to include this test in their yearly health check-up.

To date people have believed that they were well until they are told that they are not, but often this might be in stage III or IV cancer, with treatment and prognosis being hard. The promise of this type of screening is that it provides a baseline in times of wellness, and then if a tumour does develop between the screening period and the follow up test (which should be encouraged to be annually in people over the age of 40), then there would be a high degree of confidence that this cancer would be in an early stage, and thus treatment is likely to be far easier, and with much fewer side effects, and much better prognosis.

The sample is very time-sensitive, therefore we request that you please contact your Practitioner Support Person or contact us: info@nordic-labs.com BEFORE ordering to ensure smooth return of the sample.