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Bacteriology Culture with Sensitivities

The Bacteriology Culture with Sensitivities test is designed to measure levels of beneficial, commensal (harmless), and pathogenic intestinal bacteria.

Calprotectin Stool
Calprotectin is a reliable noninvasive marker for differentiating gastrointestinal inflammation associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) from inflammation that may be associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 
Comprehensive Parasitology x2 (CPx2)

The Comprehensive Parasitology test helps detect the presence of microbial pathogens and parasites, and monitor treatment protocols used to improve digestive, absorptive, and inflammatory conditions.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology x2 (CSAPx2)

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology (CSAP) test is a non-invasive diagnostic assessment that allows practitioners to objectively evaluate the status of intestinal bacteria.

GI Effects (GIFX) Microbial Ecology Profile

The GI Effects Microbial Ecology Profile tests for the status of intestinal bacteria, helping to identify predominate, opportunistic, and pathogenic bacteria using DNA analysis.

GI Effects Comprehensive Profile (GIFX)

The GI Effects Stool Analysis Profile goes beyond outdated stool analysis technology to bring you the most comprehensive stool analysis to date.

Intestinal Permeability and Absorption (IPA)

The Intestinal Permeability and Absorption (IPA) Analysis is a uniquely comprehensive test designed to determine the health and efficiency of multiple gastrointestinal functions.

Lactose Breath Test
The Lactose Breath Test is an assessment of lactose tolerance through a simple breath sample.
Microbiology with Sensitivities (bacteria & yeast)

The Microbiology with Sensitivities test includes an assessment of intestinal ecology through stool culture analysis, which include comprehensive bacteriology and yeast cultures to identify the presence of beneficial, imbalanced, and pathogenic flora.

Parasitology x 2 (Px2)

The Parasitology x 2 (Px2) test is designed to detect parasitic infections—conditions that are often overlooked because their symptoms resemble those of other diseases.

SIBO with Lactulose Breath Test
Yeast Culture & Sensitivities
This test helps detect abnormal levels of specific yeast species in the stool to tailor treatment for patients with chronic gastrointestinal and extra-gastrointestinal symptoms.
Zonulin - SERUM
Zonulin has been identified as a key biomarker for intestinal permeability, which has been associated with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), and other GI and systemic conditions.